A sustainable future. A future made of ideas, choices and actions. Who is more able to imagine and create that future than young people?
Because thinking of the future first and foremost means thinking of those who have yet to come. Because the future belongs to them more than it belongs to anyone else. In 2019, Sofidel will launch a series of unique initiatives aimed at and run by younger generations. The first one of them is this calendar, entitled Nextgen, that sees children of some of our colleagues as protagonists. It’s down to them, to look at the 7 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals closest to Sofidel. Seven goals for which we are most directly responsible. Gunter Pauli, founder of the “Zero Emissions Research Initiative” (ZERI) – an international network of researchers, scientists and economists committed to designing and planning new production and consumption methods with less environmental impact – said “My generation has failed where the millennials will succeed”. We believe in the younger generations. We believe in their power and we believe in their vision.